5 Latest Android Games Slot 2016

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5 Latest Android Games Slot 2016

Playing games is a very popular activity among many, such as small children, adolescents and adults. Benefits gained in playing games that is, can eliminate fatigue, train the work of the brain and improve creativity, and can reduce stress. For those of you android users, there are so many slots android games latest and interesting that you can download on google playstore.

List of latest android slot games 2016:
Every year there are many latest games that can be downloaded either for free or paid on google playstore. As a consideration for you lovers of games, here is a list of latest Android games slot in 2016:
Edge of Tomorrow Game
Game Edge of Tomorrow is a Warner Bros. release game that is a world-renowned developer. This game has the same adventure story as Edge of Tomorrow. For those of you who have watched the movie will surely measakan things like in the movie when playing this game.
The players of this game will be directly opposite with the monster, with a very nice visual effect, this game is only 91 MB size. For those of you who like adventure game types that are challenging, this game can be a recommendation for you.

• Ice Age Adventures
Ice Age Adventure Game is one of the game adroid output Gameloft. This free downloadable game is enough to captivate the gamers. The funny and interesting 3D animated display makes the players feel like adventure with the three characters Sid, Manny, and Diego exploring the ice world.
Game size 26 MB was recorded has been downloaded more than 50 million times with a rating of 4.2. The challenge you face in this game is a trick of 3 matches, besides this is also a running game and avoid snowball. If you are interested, you can download it for free in the play store.

Dungeon Hunter 4
Game output Gameloft is not less interesting than Ice Age Adventure has many challenges and obstacles in each stagenya. 3D quality and sound effects in this one adventure game can be said to be the best with 1GB size, this is quite comparable to the look offered in this game, so make you addicted to play this game.

• Game of Thrones
Game android output Telltale Games is quite different from other games. The game is lifted from one of the best movies that have the same title Game of Thrones offers a lot of mystery and puzzle adventure that makes your game very exciting.
To be able to play this game you have to pay unduk can download it. Game file size is almost 1GB, with a size large enough no wonder this game presents the look and sound effects are very good.

• Inotia 4: Assassin Of Berkel
The last adventure game we reviewed this time is Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel. Game output of renowned developer Com2uS USA didaulat become a very luxurious game but can be downloaded for free. The file size is not too big ie only 44 MB but can provide visual gravis the best and classy.
This one adventure game has been recorded as many as 10 million with a rating of 4.6. Players will be faced with different challenges in each stagenya. With many advantages possessed this game, then you should try this game and feel the best adventure sensation.

With the information about the list of latest android games slot is expected to provide knowledge for the game lovers in choosing the latest and best games this year. slot android

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